Retail Operations

At McCarthy Retail we appreciate that great people are the true driving force behind every successful Retail business.  We work with a wide range of both large Plc’s as well as smaller, independent and niche Retailers supporting their Store Operations networks to grow and prosper by providing the talent they need.


Regardless of the size and sector of our Retail Stores Clients, we work closely with you so that we can truly understand your Company vision, values and structure as well as the subtle differences that make you unique.  It is crucial that we understand all of the above so that ultimately we can account for this when recommending suitable candidates.


The McCarthy Retail Stores Recruitment Team recruit for Retail Managers at all levels, ranging from middle management to more senior roles as well as full store complements.  Furthermore, because all of our Retail Stores Recruitment Team are ex-retailers themselves, they understand the challenges Retailers face on a day to day basis whether it be the late night shifts, remerchandising, seasonal launches or the busy sales periods!


At McCarthy we work with a number of well-known and highly respected Retailers both on the High Street and in Out of Town locations.  The Sectors we operate in include:


Food Multiple are the mainstay of British retailing locally, and increasingly, the same can be said of the Sector across the globe. More recently, Food Retailers and Supermarkets have diversified into selling clothing, homewares, non-food, banking and many other service based offerings which has resulted in the increased impact of Food Multiples/Supermarkets on the retail landscape.

On the convenience side, discount, niche and big brand small-store formats have changed the way we shop and continue to pop up on our high streets creating numerous growth opportunities.

Recent roles we have recruited to within the Food/Supermarket and Convenience sector include:

  • Area Manager, North, Large Value Food Retailer
  • Store Manager, Aberdeen, Specialist Food Supermarket
  • Deputy Store Manager, Birmingham, Convenience Store
  • New Store Manager, London, Boutique Food Brand
  • Senior Leadership Managers, South Region, Big Four Supermarket
  • Store Manager, Sheffield, Specialist Drinks Retailer


Our Fashion clients range from luxury designer stores to value brands as well as small independent boutiques and emerging brands.  At McCarthy we understand that regardless of the size of the Fashion brand that we are working with, the Sector requires candidates who are not only capable, driven and experienced, but also the right ‘fit’ for their brand.

Within Fashion, there are a number of areas that we specialise in:

  • Clothing

At McCarthy, we work with a wide range of well-known High Street clothing brands, Fashion Outlets and those specialising in Men and Womenswear.

Recent roles we have recruited to within the Fashion and Clothing Sector include:

  • Womenswear Department Manager, Cambridge, Iconic UK Brand
  • Area Manager, North, UK Clothing Brand
  • Assistant Manager, Gloucester, Menswear and Womenswear UK Brand
  • Store Manager, Cheltenham, Menswear UK Brand


  • Footwear

We work with a range of well-known high street footwear brands as well as niche retailers and boutique independent specialists.

Recent roles we have recruited to within the Footwear Sector include:

  • Assistant Store Manager, Canterbury, Specialist Footwear Retailer
  • Store Manager, Harrogate, Iconic British Footwear retailer
  • Footwear Department Manager, London, Sportswear Retailer
  • Area Manager, South, Specialist Footwear Retailer


  • Jewellery and Accessories 

At McCarthy we work with a wide range of high-street jewellery retailers as well as well-known accessory brands in addition to smaller, boutique providers.

Recent roles we have recruited to within Jewellery and Accessories Sectors include:

  • Flagship Store Manager, London, UK Accessories Brand
  • Store Manager, North East, High Street Jewellery Retailer
  • Jewellery Concession Manager, York, Department Store


  • Luxury

Our Luxury brand clients seek to hire the very best talent with relevant specialist experience, sales ability and excellent customer engagement techniques.

Recent roles we have recruited to within the Luxury Fashion Sector include:

  • Store Manager, Shrewsbury, Luxury Women’s Lifestyle Brand
  • Assistant Store Manager, Braintree, Luxury Accessories Brand
  • Area Manager, South, Luxury Lifestyle Brand


  • Sportswear

We work with a number of International and UK based Sportswear brands, recruiting for adhoc Management roles as well as full Store complements.  We understand that our Sportswear clients are looking for people that are passionate about sport and keeping fit, we therefore drive our Clients’ recruitment campaigns accordingly.

Recent roles we have recruited to within the Sportswear Sector include:

  • Flagship Store Manager, London, International Sportswear brand
  • Department Manager, London, Sports Retailer
  • Supervisor, Kildare, Sportswear Brand
  • Visual Merchandising Manager, UK Wide, International Sportswear brand


  • Specialist Fashion

At McCarthy we work with many specialist retailers within the Fashion Sector such as  Wedding Dress, Business Wear, Plus Size Clothing and Lingerie Retailers etc.

Recent roles we have recruited to within these specialist markers include:

  • Store Manager, Bromley, Wedding Dress Supplier
  • Assistant Manager, Lingerie Brand, Manchester
  • Store Manager, Liverpool, Plus Size Clothing Brand
  • Department Manager, London, Suit Hire Company


  • Department Stores

McCarthy work with a number of Department Stores and concessions within them to hire the best talent for their businesses.

Recent roles we have recruited to within for our Department Store Clients include:

  • Concession Manager, Manchester, UK based Department Store
  • Home Furnishings Department Manager, Birmingham, UK Department Store
  • Food Hall Manager, London, UK based Department Store


The DIY/Garden and Trade Sectors are a wide ranging and diverse Sector including Big Box DIY brands, out of town trade and merchant stores as well as design-led retailers.

Recent roles we have recruited to within the DIY and Trade/Merchant Sector include:

  • Deputy Manager, London, UK DIY/Home Retailer
  • Area Manager, Scotland, Trade Merchant Retailer
  • Store Manager, London, International DIY Retailer
  • Area Manager, North East, International DIY Retailer


The Sectors of Telecoms and Electrical are constantly evolving with the consistent introduction of new products and cutting edge advancements in technology meaning that these Sectors have to remain competitive, keeping abreast of the rapid changes in the market.  Due to the increased focus on KPI’s and assisted selling in this arena, customer service is key, resulting in the need for target focussed leaders who can drive sales through service.

     Recent roles we have recruited to within the Telecoms and electrical Sectors include:

  • Store Manager, Leeds, Mobile phone Provider
  • Electrical Department Manager, Birmingham, Department Store
  • Assistant Manager, Sheffield, Electrical/White Goods Retailer


The Homeware and Furniture Retailers across the UK include specialist furniture providers, large household brands, smaller boutique stores and newer value based concepts.  

Recent roles we have recruited to within the Homeware and Furnishings Sector include:

  • Buyer, Essex, Home Floorings Retailer
  • Store Manager, Wallasey, Homewares Retailer
  • Store Manager, Exmouth, Home Floorings Brand
  • Area Manager, North West, Furniture Retailer


As the consumer population have latterly become more fitness conscious, adventurous and keen to holiday closer to home (partly due to Social Media) there has been an increased uptake in customer spending within the Leisure/Outdoors markets.

Recent roles we have recruited to within the Leisure and Outdoors Sector include:

  • Store Manager, London, Leisurewear Brand
  • Camping Department Manager, Milton Keynes, Leading Outdoors Retailer
  • Store Manager, Swindon, UK Outdoors Retailer
  • Full Store Complement, Bristol, Leading Outdoors Brand

Multi Product

The diverse ‘Multi Product’ Sector consists of clients including toy and games retailers, charity shops, stationers and the ever growing value sector.

Within Multi Product there are a number of areas that we specialise in:


  • Value

The value market within Retail has seen its biggest increase in sales in recent years and Retailers across a variety of Sectors are moving towards a more ‘value’ based proposition.  McCarthy work with a variety of clients within this Sector and appreciate the need for hard working, driven individuals who can work with passion and pace for their brands.

Recent roles we have recruited to within the Value Sector include:

  • Store Manager, North Wales, Value Stationary and Gift Provider
  • Deputy Manager, Maidstone, Value Food Multiple Retailer
  • Head of Sales, South, Value Food Retailer
  • Area Manager, Midlands, International Value Food Multiple Retailer


  • Pet Care                                                                                                

With an increasing number of consumers looking for quality, specialist goods in the Pet Care arena, McCarthy aim to source talent for our Clients within this Sector who have a passion for customer care combined with a genuine interest in animals and pets.

Recent roles we have recruited to within the Pet Care Sector include:

  • Store Manager, Hertfordshire, Leading UK Pet Care Retailer
  • Assistant Store Manager, Glasgow, Pet Care Retailer
  • Department Manager, Derbyshire, Leading Pet Care Brand


  • Parenting and Early Years

At McCarthy we support our clients within the parenting and early years Retail Sector to recruit customer service driven Retailers with specialist expertise in this arena.

Recent roles we have recruited to within the Mother and Baby Sector include:

  • Store Manager, North West, Maternity Retail Outlet
  • Assistant Manager, Brighton, Parenting and Early Years Retailer
  • Department Manager, Manchester, UK Specialist Early Years Retailer


  • Stationary

As the traditional stationary provider has diversified into selling toys, gifts and cards in recent years, the stationary market is now fast paced and increasingly competitive.

Recent roles we have recruited to within the Stationary and Gift Sector include:

  • Store Manager, Southend, UK based Card/Gifts Retailer
  • Store Manager, Bradford, Card and Stationary Brand
  • Assistant Store Manager, Carlisle, Iconic Card and Stationary Retailer


  • Toys

At McCarthy we work with a number of Clients who specialise in supplying their customers with high quality Children’s Toys, Games and Gifts.

Recent roles we have recruited to within the Toys/Games Sector include:

  • Store Manager, High Wycombe, Iconic Early Years Retailer
  • Deputy Manager, Lincoln, High Street Toy Retailer
  • Department Manager, Slough, Gaming Retailer


Historically service-led, the Health Sector requires staff with specialist expertise, a customer service based approach and high ethical standards.  Our Clients within this market include Beauty, Optical, Hearing and Pharmacy specialists.

Recent roles we have recruited to within the Healthcare Sector have included:

  • Assistant Store Manager, Bristol, Leading Optical Provider
  • Store Manager, Cheshire, Leading Optical and Hearing Aid Retailer
  • Pharmacy Manager, Cheltenham, Independent Pharmacy Retailer
  • Beauty Concession Manager, London, Leading Department Store


The Entertainment and Leisure Sectors include boutique local and national cinema houses, large fitness clubs as well as leisure complexes and tourist attractions.

Recent roles we have recruited to within the Entertainment and Leisure Sector include:

  • General Manager, Norfolk, National Cinema House
  • Concession Coffee Shop Manager, Aberdeen, National Cinema Brand
  • Operations Manager, North West, Leisure and Hospitality Concept
  • Assistant Manager, Manchester, Leisure Sector


The Consultants in our Retail Stores team have considerable experience of sourcing talent for Operational and Management roles within Retail organisations throughout the UK.  We understand that in Retail, great people and great Managers are essential to providing high standards of Customer Service; therefore the risk in not finding the right Managers and Customer facing staff to drive great service can carry considerable risk. 

At McCarthy we understand the Retail market and its pressure points because we have extensive experience of recruiting within the field, and moreover, ALL of us have a background within Retail ourselves.  In fact, our in depth knowledge of the Retail market and its operation in turn ensures that we nurture strong relationships and broad networks and we are passionate about not only accessing the best talent but also staying connected to them!

Our approach at McCarthy is not just about being reactive to the market, we are proud of our proactive and innovative approaches, which, combined with robust account management and a clear customer focus ultimately means consistent delivery of the right candidate for each assignment. 

The McCarthy Retail Stores Recruitment Team are fast becoming a widely-recognised name across the Retail Industry. We are currently working with several leading Retailers of varying sizes and in different markets, providing them with their management teams of the future.  We can work to a wide range of client briefs, however, typical roles our Retail Stores recruit for include:

  • Regional Manager
  • Area Manager
  • General Manager
  • Flagship Store Manager
  • Visual Merchandising Manager
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Design Consultant
  • Showroom Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Deputy Store Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Deputy Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Section Manager
  • Multisite Manager
  • Floor Manager
  • Site Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Supervisor
  • Profit Protection Manager


The Team at McCarthy understand that Retail Stores professionals are looking for a professional and consultative service from a Recruitment Consultancy.  At McCarthy we are able to not only provide you advice on your career prospects and opportunities available to you but we are also on hand to support you with your job search, offering you valuable yet constructive feedback on how to make the most of your skills.

If we are currently recruiting for a suitable role for you within Retail Operations or Retail Management then we will take you through a comprehensive screening and interview process, followed by giving you a full brief on the role for which you're being considered.  On the other hand, if we do not have anything available that suits what you are looking for we will market your profile out to our network of relevant Clients within the Retail Industry in order to find you your perfect job.

We are an award winning recruitment specialist, being named Best Retail Recruiter in the UK due to our commitment to service and quality. We are well connected in the Retail Industry and have well established partner relationships built up since our inception in 2005.  Our Retail Stores Recruitment Team truly know the market, they are well networked, have their ear to the ground and are able to provide you with a range of advice including: Interview skills, CV Writing and assisting you with working out what you really want from your next role.  As we work with candidates at all levels within Retail Store Management we will seek to help you find the very best role for you that will match your skills, experience and desires in order that your next job move truly enhances your career.

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