About us

Homebase is a leading home enhancement retailer selling over 50,000 products for the home and garden. It has more than 260 large, out-of-town stores throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland serving around 64 million customers a year.  At Homebase, our customers don’t just visit us for a tine of paint or a packet of screws.  They are looking for ideas and inspiration from a wide range of products at low prices.  This is why a career at Homebase is so rewarding.

 And now Homebase is part of Bunnings – Australia’s leading retailer of home improvement and outdoor living products which means that will eventually be rebranded as Bunnings under the ownership of Westfarmers. 

Bunnings ambition is to provide their customers with the widest possible range of home improvements products in accordance with a low pricing policy, backed with a ‘best in class’ service.  The Bunnings/Homebase brand faces extremely exciting change ahead with the complete overhaul of the brand during the coming three years including a whole host of new ranges and a full upskilling programme for staff in order to equip them with unrivalled product knowledge.


The first Bunnings UK Store

Following the acquisition of the Homebase chain in 2016 by Bunnings owners Westfarmers in a deal worth £340m, the first Bunnings Warehouse was opened on 2nd February 2017.  The former Homebase store, located on Griffiths Way in St Albans will be the pilot store for Bunnings who will be investing invest up to £500 million over the coming years as they gradually roll out the Bunnings Warehouse format across the UK.

The first store in St Albans employees a total of 68 people altogether, many of them experienced tradespeople such as Painters, Plumbers, Electricians and Landscape Gardeners who can all offer consumers expert advice and guidance as they shop instore.

Within the new pilot branch, Bunnings will not only stock over 30,000 home and garden lines but will also offer paint mixing, a tool shop, a DIY workshop as well as a café and an indoor kid’s playground.  The retailer will also look to introduce their ‘Sausage Sizzle’ fundraising concept to the UK, something that the brand is renowned for in its home country of Australia.

Homebase Bunnings managing director Peter Davis described the first Bunnings Warehouse store as a “key milestone” and went on to comment:

“It is great to be able to give people a taste of what Bunnings is all about. Our policy is to offer customers the lowest prices, the widest range and the best service, and hopefully, our first pilot store demonstrates that”.

The next store opening for Bunnings Warehouse is only round the corner with another store in Hatfield Road, St Albans opening in April 2017 and a further 2 pilot stores in operation by Summer 2017.

Our People

With over 38,000 Team Members, Bunnings Team Members are very much considered the heart and soul of the business. The majority of Bunnings Team Members have a background in a trade, be it as a Builder, Electrician or Plumber which Bunnings hope will enhance their ability to provide exceptional advice and service to their customers.  In addition to offering expert advice, Bunnings will are also introducing free D.I.Y workshops for adults and children, free trailer hire, same day home delivery, hire shops, cafés and children’s playgrounds.

In addition, Bunnings Teams are guided by key principles including integrity, teamwork, respect, achievement and innovation which are all fundamental to the Bunnings culture and vision. As a growing business, Bunnings are looking to retain the best people and they encourage team members to develop their talents and skills. 

Why work for us?

Where shall we start?  For some, it’s the benefits. for others, it’s the training, and for many, it’s the opportunities that come from being part of one of the UK’s leading home and garden improvement retailers.

A career with Bunnings can offer great benefits and opportunities for career and personal development.  Team Members are very much regarded as the face of Bunnings who are there to provide friendly, helpful and expert service. Bunnings value their Team Members’ contributions, recognise and reward their efforts and provide a fun, satisfying and safe place to work.

Working for Bunnings could provide you with a fantastic opportunity to be part of a truly innovative business who are on a unique and exciting journey.  So, provided you have the drive, talent, ambition and willingness to learn then there is no limit to where you can go at Bunnings.


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