Bose are a brand synonymous with clean and sharp sound and pictures. Their products vary in size and style, but one thing remains the same, outstanding quality. This is the way sound was meant to be heard, and whether it's by making you feel like you saw the band that you're listening to live, placing you right in the driver's seat of the car chase in the film you're watching, or pulling you deep into the story of an audio book you might be hearing, Bose manage to create a world where sound and picture are king, and are the go to brand for any high end home cinema, music and loudspeaker systems. 

Bose products

With changing trends meaning that our music, films and books are all now stored on tablets and phones, Bose have moved with the trends, and released range upon range of exquisite products that not only serve the purpose of listening in the home, but also act as a beautiful and stylish piece of your decor too.

In 1976, Bose Ltd, a subsidiary of the Bose Corporation was established. The company quickly developed strong networks within dealers of specialist Hi-Fi and Professional Product markets, and began to co-ordinate their sales, customer service and support from the company's Head Office in Gillingham, Kent, providing technical support for all Bose products sold throughout the UK.

Bose’s research, attention to detail and innovation are reflected in the quality of the products introduced to their UK and Ireland markets. They don’t just make the sound, they listen too, and ensure that their entire product range tailors to the constant changes in technology, and offers their customers the most current and up to date pieces.


Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, then professor of electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

While doing graduate work at MIT in the 1950s, Dr. Bose decided to purchase a new stereo system. He was disappointed to find that speakers with impressive technical specifications failed to reproduce the realism of a live performance.

This led to extensive research in the fields of speaker design and psychoacoustics — the human perception of sound. Dr. Bose's findings resulted in significantly new design concepts that help deliver the emotional impact of live music, coveted so badly by those that long to re-live the live music experience in their own bedrooms.

Bose established itself by introducing the 901® DIRECT/REFLECTING® speaker system in 1968. With this introduction, Bose achieved international acclaim by setting a new standard for lifelike sound reproduction.

The list of major technologies emerging from Bose continues to grow. Fourteen years of research led to the development of acoustic waveguide speaker technology, found in the award-winning WAVE® radio, WAVE® radio/CD, ACOUSTIC WAVE® music system and WAVE® music system.

The introduction of the technology in ACOUSTIMASS® speakers reshaped conventional thinking about the relationship between speaker size and sound. Speakers small enough to fit in the palm of your hand produced sound quality previously thought impossible from small speakers - a revolution in sound!

For arenas and other large venue applications, the technology in the AUDITIONER® audio demonstrator removes the historical guesswork from sound system design. It allows builders, architects and facility managers to hear precisely what a BOSE® system will sound like in their building, before any equipment is installed, even if the building only exists as a blueprint.

The proprietary, integrated system design found in LIFESTYLE® systems by Bose has set new standards for complete home audio solutions. They have been engineered to be the best-sounding, easiest-to-use music and home cinema systems ever.

Today, you can hear Bose wherever quality sound is important. From the Olympic games to the Sistine Chapel, from NASA space shuttles to the Japan National Theatre. In the home and on the road, from large outdoor arenas to intimate neighbourhood stores and restaurants, you can hear the realism of the most respected name in sound — Bose.


Since Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by then Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Dr. Amar G. Bose, the original philosophies and founding principles have not changed.

Bose maintains an exceptionally strong commitment to research, for it is within the discipline of research that yesterday's fiction becomes tomorrow's reality. They strive to identify things which, when made better, improve people's lives.

But it's more than just research. Bose aim for excellence in everything they do. From the way they run their business to their customer service. From the products to the owner's manuals you'll use to set them up. In everything they do, they truly believe that "good enough" is merely a starting point.

Bose have taken their commitment and passion for innovation and applied them to developing unique sound solutions to meet virtually any audio challenge in any application, even the space programme. While many Bose products are designed for entertainment and home audio solutions, you'll find BOSE® sound is prevalent in both the aviation and automotive industries, too.

They have also designed professional sound systems for many applications, including stadiums and auditoriums, houses of worship, retail businesses, department stores and restaurants.

Today, Bose has operations in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia and South America, including a large range of the Bose Factory Store Outlets, the first of which was opened just down the road from the McCarthy Recruitment offices in Cheshire Oaks!



Acoustic waveguide technology creates a stir in the scientific community, earning Dr. Bose and Dr. William Short "Inventor of the Year" honors.


The idea of surround sound made simple takes a leap forward with the 3•2•1® home entertainment system. This DVD-based system offers a full surround sound experience from only two speakers.

2004 iPod Plays to the Crowd

The SoundDock® digital music system quickly becomes the sound standard for iPod speaker systems, allowing iPod owners to listen unrestrained by headphones and share their music with others.

2006 Surround Sound Without All the Wires

The SL2 wireless surround link eliminates wires from the front to the back of your room in LIFESTYLE® home entertainment systems or ACOUSTIMASS® 5.1 home cinema speaker systems. Instead, signals are transmitted wirelessly from the ACOUSTIMASS® module to the rear speakers.

2008 Bose Founder Honored

Dr. Amar Bose was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio (US), for achievements in audio technology that "have significantly influenced the quality of how we live." All nominees must hold at least one US patent to be considered.

2009 The Quietest Bose Headphones Ever

The headphones that pioneered an industry now reduce more noise across a wider range of frequencies than ever before. QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones are the result of significant advancements in digital signal processing technologies, offering greater attenuation in louder environments—without compromising sound quality.

2009 Filling the Room with One Speaker

The L1® Compact portable line array system features Spatial Dispersion™ loudspeaker technology to deliver sound evenly across the stage and throughout the audience even to the extreme sides. Only one speaker is needed to deliver balanced sound throughout the room. It's the smallest and lightest L1 system, and the easiest to set up.


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