About Aldi

Aldi is a leading global retailer and one of the world's largest privately owned companies with over 9,000 stores worldwide and continuing expansion throughout Europe, North America and Australia.
Aldi opened their first store in the UK in 1990 and in Ireland in 1999. Since then they have grown rapidly, opening over 620 stores here alone. Working at Aldi is challenging but also great fun, which is why you'll find Aldi people are focused and supportive.

There is a high value placed on teamwork and cooperation. As they are continuously expanding, there is a large investment in recruitment and training and a constant growth of stores, distribution centres and Regional Head Offices. It's a dynamic, fast-paced environment with lots of change going on. It's also a high-quality environment where your authority to make decisions provides a level of responsibility that is well beyond that offered by other employers.

Our people are the focus of our company

Aldi is committed to supporting their people in the following ways:

• Providing a high quality, structured training programmes and development opportunities
• Rewarding excellent performance with positive recognition and attractive remuneration
• Creating a culture of openness, transparency and diversity
• Offering job security

The Culture

At Aldi, their lack of bureaucracy means they can focus on delivering quality and value to their customers. Aldi keeps their operation simple and all their staff have an ability and willingness to work hard for the Company and their customers. They take ownership and commitment very seriously and this makes their working lives both exciting and very satisfying. They are given high levels of responsibility and are supported by great training and a good salary. This helps create a culture that gives people a very real sense of satisfaction, self-confidence and pride in what they do. 

The Benefits of working for Aldi

Aldi provides market-leading salaries from day one and they make sure that this continues for the length of your chosen career. Whilst retail is renowned for long hours we ensure that you can achieve a work/life balance that is right for you and your family. If stability and security are important to you then working for Aldi delivers on both counts.  In return for your commitment, hard work, dedication, responsibility and sharp thinking Aldi offer all their staff, not just a great salary but job security too.

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