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Psychometric Testing and personality profiles

Psychometric testing is now a fundamental part of recruitment. Everyday more companies are integrating it as part of their process in getting the right people for the job. Companies use them, as they provide the sort of information about you that they can’t easily get from the rest of the assessment process.

What is a Psychometric Test?

It is a devise that is used to find out about individual differences: personal characteristics, underlying actions, possible future behaviour, how ‘good’ you are at something compared with other groups of people.

Psychometric Testing Tips 

  • Skills tests measure how well you do something, and are split into ability and aptitude tests.
  • Ability tests can include numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and the ability to identify mistakes accurately.
  • Aptitude tests assess your ability to use specific job-related skills, and predict future performance. They examine your potential to learn to do a new task rather than testing the skills you already have. Most tests involve multiple-choice answers and provide a numerical score.
  • Personality tests measure less quantifiable characteristics - they reveal your motivation, attitude & work style. Employers may look for people with certain characteristics for particular jobs. For a retail sales role, for example, the company may want someone who is very sociable, organised and creative. A personality test enables employers to see whether you match their ideal profile.

There are no right or wrong results, the best way to approach personality tests is to answer honestly. Don’t try to pre-empt what sort of personality the company are looking for...it’s no use trying to portray something that you are not.

Why do companies use psychometric tests?

Employers use tests as part of their selection process because they want to find the best person for the job. Aptitude and ability tests highlight if a candidate has the necessary skills, and the potential to learn new ones. Personality tests help the employer to understand more about a candidate's character.

How do you prepare for tests?

To get the most out of the assessment, you need to be prepared. There are example tests on the internet, which you can practise.

Depending on the company, psychometric tests are carried out at different stages of the recruitment & selection process. At McCarthy Recruitment, we will work with you to give you as much information on the process the company will use, so you know how the psychometric testing process fits in with your application for the role.

Should I be nervous?

A little bit of adrenaline helps in a lot of activities, including testing. But there’s no need to be worried. Tests are there to help both you and the company to make good decisions.

Your McCarthy Recruitment consultant will answer any questions you have about the psychometric testing process.

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