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New Brochure Produced

A new year and a new style, but always produced with the same McCarthy DNA!

McCarthy Retail Recruitment Brochure

In 2011 we premiered our brand new brochure, complete with new characters and images that are eye catching and true to the McCarthy values of staying contemporary and unique! We let our candidates know that “we’ve been in your shoes”, and introduced our clients to our “Perfect Package”, where they can review everything we have to offer as a consultancy. This quintessentially McCarthy brochure ends perfectly with the phrase “Become one of our Happy Clients”.

Christmas Website Landing Page

Christmas 2010 saw our MD Kate McCarthy write a heart felt letter for our website. In this she talks about how much her family, both personally and professionally has grown, and how 2010 saw also saw her become a Mum! 

5th Birthday!

Following our 5th Birthday celebrations, we took out an ad in The Appointment titled “look what we’ve grown into”, to showcase how far as a business we had come. Since Kate’s initial vision for the company, we have progressed into “three offices, three specialist divisions, two major awards, and one totally independent retail recruitment company” This is the perfect advert to show how far our one of a kind beliefs have got us! 

Christmas 2009 – Mailer

Another one of our unique mailers was sent out for Christmas 2009, and in keeping with our quirky marketing campaigns, this one featured a vintage looking festive jumper, with the slogan “view our other stylish creations…we hope you’ll be in stitches” This mailer invited our clients and candidates to create their own “fashion masterpiece”, and celebrate the individuality that makes them a true McCarthy person! 

2006 – First Advert in The Appointment

The “McCarthy Difference” is something we are often quoted for when explaining our company values and beliefs, and when we issued our first advert in The Appointment, we wanted to hone in on this difference, and allow potential clients and candidates to see just how unique we are. Our staple McCarthy Pig was used to represent our company Talent Bank, and our ad successfully stood out amongst the kind you would ordinarily come across. 

April 2005 – First Brochures Printed

Not only did we launch our website in April 2005, but we also issued the first copy of our brochure. Complete with “colourful” quotes and testimonials from clients and candidates, our brochure demonstrated our uniqueness from other recruitment companies, and the drive that keeps us moving forward. 


April 2005 – Mk1

In April 2005 we launched the first edition of our website, catapulting us into the online recruitment world and allowing us to share Kate’s vision for our company with everyone else. We wrote about our company, our services, and most importantly, the McCarthy Difference. 

March 2005 – McCarthy Recruitment Launches

“My passion for people and belief in a service and team orientated retail consultancy gave me the vision and courage to create our business”

When speaking about our launch in March 2005, a quote from our MD Kate McCarthy reads “It has been a challenging journey and I continue to learn so much every day”. This quote not only sums up our launch, but our beliefs as a company. From the start we have always strived to learn more and grow both personally and as a business. 


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