Training and Development

Training and Development of our team is so important to us – it is not just the obvious benefit to our business, we think people are at their best when they feel confident, feel like they are learning something new every day and feel valued and supported. The only limit for our people is their own ambition. Everyone has a talent and we feel it is our job to bring it out.

As such we have a dedicated trainer who has worked her way up in McCarthy Recruitment and is fantastic at ensuring everyone has a great on-boarding experience when they start working for us.

We launched The McCarthy Academy in 2010 to demonstrate we are serious about people development. Working with our in house advertising design team we created a modular training programme that had its own look and feel, was distinctive and would provide everyone in the team, from new starters to long serving team members with a training and skills programme to ensure continuous development.

The McCarthy Academy is modular so that everyone can create their own training programme that suits their skills, role and experience. They work closely with their line manager to create a programme that suits them. This ensures personal ownership and a sense of direction and purpose in the business. It also ensures that everyone is treated as an individual and they can develop at their own pace, in line with their personal ambitions.

All the training within the Academy links back to our extensive Training Manual written by Kate McCarthy which covers every aspect and role within our business. Everyone has their own copy of the training manual and it is an invaluable tool in learning best practice and our recruitment operating framework.

All new starters that join complete a comprehensive self-assessment form in order that we understand your experience and capability on joining us; this along with the development areas highlighted from your assessment prior to being offered a role allows us to develop an induction programme tailored to you. On-going development is structured around a PDP and the McCarthy Growth Programme which is our succession and opportunity people map.

Example of McCarthy Academy Modules:

  • McCarthy AcademyInduction Training
  • Recruitment Law & Ethics
  • Planning for sales success
  • The McCarthy Recruitment Operating Model
  • Headhunting
  • The story of retail KPI’s
  • Competency Interviewing
  • Account Management Training
  • Team Manager development

Academy modules provides a complete program of learning in a specific subject area, some of which is delivered classroom style whilst other elements are completed on the job to ensure a fully rounded learning experience is delivered. Technical training sections are delivered by training gurus within the business.

The McCarthy Growth programme enables our team to understand the opportunities that they have in the business. It demonstrates that whatever role you join the business in ultimately you can be what whatever you want to be – there are no limits.

The Recruitment Process.

Even though all of the above has hopefully given you a good taste of what it's like to work for McCarthy Recruitment, we make sure that at the point where you accept an offer from us, you know exactly what your role will involve, what the ups and downs could be and why McCarthy is right for you. So we have designed a unique recruitment process of our own to get you your happy ending:

  • Bespoke interview process with plenty of opportunities to ask as many open and honest questions as you like
  • Individual conversations with relevant team members to give you a true picture of what the day to day of your role would be
  • A work sample - a chance for you to be in the hubbub of the office, meet the whole team and experience a day of "McCarthy Life"
  • Meeting Kate McCarthy - understand the principles and ethics that the business has evolved from and discuss the role that you are interested in

At McCarthy, we believe in making the right decision for you and for us. If you want to join our team then you need to do so with a strong understanding of what the role and business is like - no matter what level.

We are a unique and exciting business - we are always interested in talking to like-minded, talented, driven, tenacious and fun people. We don't recruit to vacancies, we recruit the right individual who we feel will add value to the business. Our journey so far has been exciting, successful and exhilarating; will you be celebrating our next award with us?

Call to action to apply to the business T: 0161 828 8726