Our Training and Development

Training and Development of our team is so important to us as we understand that people are at their best when they feel supported, developed, challenged and valued as ultimately this will result in them being confident in what they do. Everyone has the ability to be a successful Consultant if they are keen to learn and are ambitious to succeed, it is our job to help you achieve your goals!

Here at McCarthy we have a dedicated training team (including someone who has worked her way up in McCarthy Recruitment), they are responsible for ensuring everyone has a great on-boarding experience when they start working for us as well as ongoing support, coaching and development.

We launched The McCarthy Academy in 2010 to demonstrate we are serious about people development. Working with our in house advertising design team we created a modular training programme that had its own distinctive look and feel, that would provide everyone in the team with a training and skills programme that ensures continuous development.

The McCarthy Academy is modular so that everyone can work with their Line Manager and the training team to create their own training programme that suits their skills, role and experience. This processes ensures personal ownership and a sense of direction and purpose in the business. It also ensures that everyone is treated as an individual and they can develop at their own pace, in line with their personal ambitions.

All the training within the Academy links back to our extensive Training Manual written by Kate McCarthy which covers every aspect and role within our business. Everyone has their own copy of the training manual and it is an invaluable tool in learning best practice and our recruitment operating framework.

Here are just a selection of the McCarthy Training modules:

  • Induction Training
  • The McCarthy Recruitment Operating Model
  • Headhunting
  • Effective Questioning
  • The story of retail KPI’s
  • Competency Interviewing
  • Account Management Training
  • Team Manager Development

Academy modules provides a complete program of learning in a specific subject area, some of which is delivered classroom style whilst other elements are completed on the job to ensure a fully rounded learning experience is delivered. Technical training sections are delivered by training gurus within the business.

Once embedded into the business, you will receive structured on-going development in the form of a Personal Development Plan focussed around the McCarthy Growth Programme (our succession and opportunity people map).  The McCarthy Growth programme enables our team to understand the opportunities that they have in the business and highlights that whatever level you join the business at, ultimately you can be what whatever you want to be – there are no limits at McCarthy!