Our company culture

Our Culture is people centric. When you are a business like us that moves with pace, being clear about what needs to be done and keeping it simple is critical.

We don’t over complicate things, everyone has a voice and we have an extraordinary energy and positive “let’s make it happen” attitude. We encourage everyone to be part of our team, to be themselves and care about each other. We are supportive yet challenging; inclusive, progressive and passionate.

We work hard but we also focus on enjoying ourselves. We spend a lot of time at work so everyone has to feel part of something special. We have been described as a family a lot and visitors often comment on the feeling they get when they come in to our business. There is a unique buzz and atmosphere that demonstrates our energy, passion and values.

When we brainstormed examples of what made our office environment and culture different so that we could explain to you just how much we really stand out as being unique the team said;

Fun Time Examples!

  • Friday Morning Breakfast cooked by the management team and eaten by everyone!
  • Cleaning together! Yes, we clean our office together, we love our environment and we love caring for it. Blast out the tunes and lets get cleaning!
  • Surprise early finishes in the summer when it is hot, in the winter to go sledging (well when it snows!)
  • An extra days holiday to reward commitment in the year before
  • Getting a champagne presentation for your first placement
  • Amazing hot chocolate and great coffee - and random snack offerings in the kitchen throughout the week
  • Early finish for team drinks
  • Fun and engaging meetings which have a real sense of purpose
  • Deciding on your own targets based on your own ambition and what you want to earn
  • Our team builds – they get better every year, emotional and amazing food cooked by Kate and Ian!
  • Social fund which means we all go out regularly and we don't have to think about saving for it
  • Christmas traditions like secret Santa, pizza on the last day and Christmas lunch
  • Random Sports days in the summer on the grass!
  • BBQs in the summer on the picnic benches outside
  • Team slimming plans – you even get support losing weight or putting it on when people bring home baked cakes in!
  • Company lunches, picnics in the summer; buffets and wii competitions; Chinese and take away food after company meetings
  • Annual award ceremonies - a chance to get dressed up and celebrate success
  • Dress down Friday and Fat Fridays
  • Birthday celebrations with homemade cake and the best ever presents from the team!! - there is a theme running with cake and eating!
  • Flat structure, everyone's ideas count - things can change with a click of a finger, no politics
  • Christmas parties including partners and a separate one for the children which is great fun
  • Charity involvement - love days linked to cake!
  • Amazing culture, free parking and we can even see the M6
  • Trips to places that have included Las Vegas, New York, Safari, Egypt!
  • Supportive senior management team that encourage our personal goals as well as our career ambitions

More Serious Examples

  • Daily communication meetings to focus on our priorities and support each other
  • Best Practice Monthly Account Manager meetings
  • Fantastic commission structure - enables the team to really earn money that reflects their effort
  • Flexible Career paths with a structured progression plan depending on your experience and your ambition
  • Electronic Sales Communication Board
  • Dedicated trainer for new starters and excellent module training scheme
  • Company Vision and Strategy meetings followed by a social
  • Buddy system for new starters and people on development
  • Electronic New Vacancy Alerts
  • Arrive to a warm desk and have all the support to bill in your first month
  • Weekly sales and communication meeting with account updates and training
  • Flexible provisions for families
  • Monthly newsletter sharing best practice, our golden nuggets and social communications
  • Annual Teambuild and away days for company strategy

Our values underpin our culture

At McCarthy Recruitment, it’s all about delivery. But behind the delivery, there’s a set of values we take very seriously indeed. They don’t just hang in a dusty frame on the wall. Our Values are at the core of everything we aim to achieve - and we believe they are integral to our growth and success.

In early 2009 we revisited our values and simplified them; we believe that these 3 words summarise our culture, core values and bring everything together in a simple format.

We think they speak for themselves:

Passionate Clever Together

We asked the team to describe our culture in their own words. Here are some examples of what they said:

We are one team working passionately and cleverly together. We are encouraged, challenged and rewarded so that we can develop and be the very best at what we do.


We have the freedom to be ourselves, we are all really different but we share the same passion to achieve a positive outlook


We all work together as a team, it is all about support, growth and confidence in our convictions to deliver our candidate and client expectations to the best of our ability and we do it with Pride , passion and enthusiasm.


Everyone has a voice and it is listened to – we can change anything. There is a real energy and outlook that we really can be the best


It is so unique to work in an environment where the feedback you get is from an entirely genuine place – there are no agendas, no politics – just a desire to make you the very best you can be. Who wouldn’t want that?!