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Established in 2005, McCarthy Recruitment is a Recruitment Agency in Warrington, working in the retail sector. We offer a variety of flexible permanent end to end recruitment solutions across the UK along with other client services such as recruitment training for in house teams; assessment centre facilitation; selection tool development; new store opening support and outplacement workshops.

Let's face it, the world of business can be fast and furious at the best of times, and so can recruitment in all sectors but as retail experts we will make your life easier – whether you are a candidate, client or a potential employee pick up the phone and talk to us – we guarantee to talk your language.

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At McCarthy we’re no strangers to retail. We’ve done the late night shifts, the hectic sale and seasonal launches. We’ve been on the floor, out the back, in the field and at the top.

So we know the challenges you face and the team you need around you. We work with major retailers, recruiting all levels of retail store management, executive, HR and Head Office roles.

Which means we have the experience to spot a life saver from a timewaster.

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But we've still got all our own teeth!

We never planned to be the biggest. Never coveted the awards. Weren’t plotting world domination. We were just a bunch of retail enthusiasts with a simple mission: to be the best retail recruiters around.

The team Kate McCarthy put together 11 years ago has earned a reputation for a can do attitude that gets the job done – and done well! We may have 240 years of experience between us, fit for purpose facilities and a list of clients that would make you choke on your own biscuit but we still have our same simple values... putting clients first.

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McCarthy Recruitment is the passion and vision of Kate McCarthy.

Having started out in Retail and then moving on to Retail recruitment, Kate recognised the need - and opportunity - for a high-quality retail recruitment agency, with the focus on delivery and knowledge of the retail talent market.

Delivering excellent results. Delivering exceptional service. And delivering extremely good value for money.

Opening in Manchester and London in early 2005 with a small, handpicked team that were big on retail, McCarthy quickly earned a reputation for a can-do mentality that gets the job done - and done well.

And this brought success - success that has seen the team grow; the company purchase a new Head Office in Birchwood, Warrington and firmly  established themselves as a preferred Consultancy of many major UK Retailers.

The goal is not global domination. The plan isn’t to be the biggest; just the best retail recruitment business with a reputation for adding value and working in partnership. So McCarthy Recruitment will continue as it started and simply live out its values. Fiercely. And relish the independence that enables the team to put the focus exactly where it should be... on you.

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