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Calculating Your Salary – What’s Left After Tax Deductions

When you secure your first job, especially after graduation, the primary question you want to know is how much of your salary you’ll actually be taking home. To aid you with this, NatWest has recently introduced a Salary Calculator that saves you having to deduct tax and other payments yourself. 

It might be your initial reaction to view your salary as the full amount and completely disregard any payments, either because you were unaware of the amount of tax that is deducted, or you simply haven’t worked them out yet. The salary calculator is a simple tool that helps to put your wages into perspective.

Calculating Your Expenses 

Tools such as this are a great way to help you budget, as you’ll know exactly how much take home pay you will receive. Once you’ve made your calculations, you can then consider how much you will spend on rent, savings, groceries and other finances to work out how much disposable income you have left. For those who are renting, knowing how much you can afford is critical in order to avoid neglecting future payments and sorting out your finances well in advance will save you a lot of time and stress should you ever decide to move.

Getting Clued-Up 

Checking your take-home salary only takes a few minutes, and once it’s done you’ll be fully aware of what you’re actually receiving. Once you’ve found out how much tax you pay, plus national insurance, you can then continue to deduct any other expenses.  For instance your student loan if you are a recent graduate or any pension schemes you may pay into. 

Another useful way to use the salary calculator is when you’re granted a promotion or you’re applying for a job with a different salary. From what is advertised, you can instantly work out how much of the salary you get to keep, resulting in greater clarification on how the change will affect you financially.

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10th Birthday Celebrations

Jacob's Moonlight Ball

We were proud to host Jacob's Moonlight Ball on October 25th 2012, to raise money and awareness for JUMP Children's Charity. With stars including Sir Alex Ferguson in attendance,and entertainment from the fantastic Alexander Stewart and Ex Hollyoaks actress Carley Stenson, the evening was a fantastic success and raised over £30,000!

Here are a few photos from the night!


Winners of the "Training and Development Award" at the Warrington Business Awards

We are proud to be working as a part of the local community, and to be given an award from the Warrington Business Awards cements are position as a local business and gives us an insight into other businesses in the local community.

With our McCarthy Academy, we pride ourselves on our unique training and development of staff, and were delighted to be acknowledged for all of this hard work.

Designed by the art and design students of Warrington’s Priestley College, this unique award sits perfectly in our vibrant office!

Winner of the "Best Recruitment Company to Work For" at the Recruiter Awards 2012

In May 2012 we were awarded this incredible accolade. After months of working towards our video entry to showcase what a day in the life of the McCarthy team is really like, we were over the moon to receive this fantastic award and beat all other recruitment companies in the UK!

From our creative morning meetings to our company lunches, we believe that McCarthy is a completely innovative place to work. Described by one of team members as the kind of company that “I didn’t even know could exist”, we are proud to be named the “Best Recruitment Company to Work For” 2012.

Kate asked to judge Local Business Accelerators competition in Warrington

As a company, we are incredibly proud to a part of the local business community, and were delighted when our MD Kate was asked to judge the Warrington Local Business Accelerators award in January 2012. On the panel with MDs from companies including the advertising and marketing sectors, Kate judged this national campaign, backed by Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden, where competitors will win the chance to be mentored by Deborah herself!

New Brochure Produced

A new year and a new style, but always produced with the same McCarthy DNA!

McCarthy Retail Recruitment Brochure

In 2011 we premiered our brand new brochure, complete with new characters and images that are eye catching and true to the McCarthy values of staying contemporary and unique! We let our candidates know that “we’ve been in your shoes”, and introduced our clients to our “Perfect Package”, where they can review everything we have to offer as a consultancy. This quintessentially McCarthy brochure ends perfectly with the phrase “Become one of our Happy Clients”.

Christmas Website Landing Page

Christmas 2010 saw our MD Kate McCarthy write a heart felt letter for our website. In this she talks about how much her family, both personally and professionally has grown, and how 2010 saw also saw her become a Mum! 

5th Birthday!

Following our 5th Birthday celebrations, we took out an ad in The Appointment titled “look what we’ve grown into”, to showcase how far as a business we had come. Since Kate’s initial vision for the company, we have progressed into “three offices, three specialist divisions, two major awards, and one totally independent retail recruitment company” This is the perfect advert to show how far our one of a kind beliefs have got us!